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A pleasant climate, untouched, clean surroundings, broad beaches, active recreation, culture and history, marvellous architecture, an exciting nightlife in the modern metropolis, relaxed walks and green tourism... Latvia will provide lasting memories of this exciting country, for all tastes and interests.

Of course, it's hard to imagine Latvia without its capital Riga and its historical town centre of Old Riga, the Art Noveau architecture, the grand Dom Church and St. Peter’s Church, the wooden architecture of the Pārdaugava area, the biggest market in eastern Europe – the Central market – and the high-quality restaurants and cosy pubs, museums, galleries, and the generous cultural life.

At the same time tourists are also willing to see the smaller towns of Latvia. The city of Kuldīga with its narrow streets, old houses, unique brick bridge over the Venta River and Europe's widest waterfall, the Venta Rapids, the city of Cēsis with its medieval castle, the city of Sigulda, called the Switzerland of Vidzeme, with its unforgettable landscape with the Gauja River Valley and Turaida Castle and Talsi, the town on seven hills – these are only some of the towns where tourists can spend time. But Latvia is most proud of its pristine nature.

A coastal line 500 kilometres in length of sandy beaches, natural forests, rivers and lakes provides relaxed and delightful recreation. It can be experienced when visiting, for example, Kolka, Gauja National Park, or going to the Abava River Valley near Sabile. The charm of Latgale can be experienced when travelling alongside the Daugava, Latvia’s mightiest river (while the Gauja River is the longest), in the area called Daugavas loki, or with a visit to Rāzna National Park.

Latvia is a popular destination for bird watchers and nature lovers. In Latvia, one can become acquainted with the diverse flora and fauna and discover the charm of marsh ecosystems while walking along nature paths, such as those at the Teiči Reserve or the Ķemeri Moorland.

Latvia has a rich cultural-historical heritage; you can engage yourself in various activities, celebrate Jāņi, the most popular festivity of the Summer Solstice, rich in ancient traditions, or, for example, make jewellery for oneself at the Ethnographic Open-air Museum or bake bread in a farmstead!

Latvia also has rich military heritage. Ancient battle sites, entrenchments and bunkers, the largest radio-locator in northern Europe in Irbene, the secret bunker of the Soviet government in Līgatne, Daugavpils Fortress, the Liepāja forts ... They are welcoming guests and are ready to introduce them to the diverse and exciting history of Latvia!

Early summer in Latvia - girl with a daisy wreath.
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Things you should know

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Regions of Latvia

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