Where to seek for help?

An official tourist information line Tourist Hotline 1188 has been set up for tourist convenience. As in every European Union Member State, safety in Latvia is ensured by several services that you can call 24-hours a day. You should call 112 (free of charge) in any extreme situation. You can also seek help at the Tourism Police +371 67181818.

Calling 112 will connect you with the State Fire-fighting and Rescue Service, where you will be further connected both with the police, the emergency medical service, and fire fighters. The police can be contacted from landlines by calling the number 02; in emergencies please dial calling 03.

The information telephone line 1188

The information telephone line 1188 envisions:

- Informative support for tourists in emergency situations (for example, in the case of theft or fraud, settling consular issues, medical aid, car accidents, roadside assistance);

- Registration and acceptance of claims and proposals from tourists;

- Information on transport services (routes, schedules, ticket price and payment, trains, buses, taxi, flights, public transportation, e-tickets, etc.);

- Help for tourists to orient themselves on the map and help in finding the closest services providers;

- Translation services for tourists in problematic situations (in Latvian, Russian, English and German);

- Direct connection with a required phone number;

- Information on events (cinema, concerts, opera, exhibitions, sport, etc.);

- Contacts of business information and services;

- Sending basic information to a mobile phone via SMS (contacts, addresses, transport schedules, etc.);

- Booking tickets, connecting with ticket offices;

- Sending more extensive information to a mobile phone via SMS or “Wap Push” (movie showings, short instructions, guide, links to mobile content sites, etc.). Provision of the information telephone line 1188 service:

- Service is available throughout the entire territory of Latvia for subscribers of all telecommunication networks and foreign subscribers calling to 1188;

- Service is available outside the territory of Latvia by using the international phone code: +371 6700 1188;

- Service is available 24-hours a day;

- Service is provided in Latvia, Russian, English and German;

- The price for a call is set according to the tariffs of the phone operator;

- Users roamingwill receive an informational message regarding the service when arriving in Latvia. 

- Tourists can also send e-mails to hotline@latviatourism.lv and inform about their visit to Latvia, submit claims or proposals.

Tourism Police

The Tourism Police work throughout the city; however, the majority of patrols take place in Old Riga. A 24-hour information hotline is available for foreigners at +371 67181818, which provides essential information in English and Russian.

Information in Tourism Centres

You can also ask for help at Tourism Information Centres, which can be found in all of Latvia’s largest cities and in the most popular places for tourism. In Riga, the Municipal Police also have a Tourism Unit ensuring public order, providing information to foreign guests and also help in case of accidents.

If you need to seek help at the embassy of your home country, the list of the embassies and their locations can be found here

Useful Phone Numbers

It is useful to remember some other phone numbers where you can go for help:

- in the case of lost of bank or credit card – +371 67092555;

- psychological help in crisis situations – +371 67222922;

- SOS search and rescue works at sea – +371 67323103.

- 24-hour veterinary aid – +371 26539900;

- emergency unlocking of car locks, doors and safes – +371 29212680.