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It’s almost impossible to describe all that oriental beauty which is сcombined in all four rooms of the restaurant Uzbekistana.

At the birth of this restaurant our primary goal was to create a place, which would attract the Latvian intelligence, gourmets and families alike, so that the patrons would realize that this place is accessible for anyone! This is the place, which is defined by the rich, but not elaborate inferior, the place, where patron’s right from the start would feel its special homelike atmosphere and special aura.The place, where one can enjoy meals that are already known and try those that unknown to him, but are excellent alike.

It is the restaurant, where food is cooked from natural products and is served in accordance with the ancient traditions, but the fresh bread is baked in a special tandir oven, which was delivered from Uzbekistan. In other words, everything in the restaurant should be made in a clearly defined shape, not only natural and beautiful, but also appetizing. This place should speak to one’s very soul, so as it responds to it.

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