Country houses

If you wish to visit the Latvian countryside, finding overnight accommodation in country homes may be a very good choice.

In country homes, calm and tranquillity away from hectic city life is guaranteed. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy Latvian nature.

You should enquire about the level of service at the country home you have selected on a case-by-case basis. In this section, you can view the range of country homes on offer.

  • On the shore of Lake Kulis - a working farm with cows, chickens and pigs. Excellent fishing.  Apples, currants and black currants from the...
    Krāslava district, Skaista parish, Skaista, Ozoli, LV-5671
    +371 28317198
  • Between the Kategrade and Bicāni lakes, in 15 minutes drive to Aglona village, the location is excellent for fishing.
    Riebiņi district, Rušona parish, "Šaures", LV-5329
    +371 20197180
  • Between Vecpiebalga and Jaunpiebalga. A party room, DBL and TWIN en suite rooms, a log cabin sauna 200m from the house. Tent sites.
    Jaunpiebalga district, Jaunpiebalga parish, Zeltiņi, LV-4125
    +371 64100280
  • In the dunes, 100 metres from the sea and just 5 km from Liepāja.  Guestrooms in two houses.
    Nīca district, Nīca parish , Vērbeļnieki, LV-3416
    +371 29138565
  • A country home near the place where the Dviete River flows into the Daugava. Guests have access to a living room and kitchen. A country sauna....
    Ilūkste district, Dviete parish, Liepziedi, LV-5441
    +371 29466687
  • The loveliness of nature and plenty of quiet at a country home owned by sincere hosts, 45 km from Valka.
    Smiltene district, Grundzāle parish, Aumeisteri, Kalna bauņi, LV-4705
    +371 29132017
  • A cottage with two 4-bed rooms and tent sites on a farm by the Lake Geranimovas-Ilzas. Chemical-free, home grown strawberries, home-made yoghurt,...
    Aglona district, Kastuļina parish, "Zemeņu krastiņi", LV- 5685
    +371 29185234
  • A farmstead between the open sea and a pine forest. Thrashing in the sauna with birch boughs. The sea 300m away.
    Nīca district, Nīca parish , Jūrmalciems, Jūrmaļi, LV-3472
    +371 26366206, +371 63454490