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Bars and Pubs

There are bars and pubs in almost every Latvian city and village, and historically they have been a place to meet up with friends and make new friends, taste local beer or something a little stronger, as well as have a filling meal.

Many bars offer to hire event spaces, watchsports events together with other fans, listen to live music and enjoy a dance.

Beverages and Food

Bars offer a wide range of beverages, and there are also bars specialising in a certain type of drink, e.g.

beer, whiskey and wine bars.

Most pubs offer filling lunches and dinners or light appetizers. Menus feature both traditional Latvian cuisine and international appetizers, salads and desserts.

In bars and pubs in Latvia, leaving a tip is not considered mandatory and bills do not usually include a service charge, however, it is common to leave 5–10% of the total amount if a waiter/waitress serves at the table.

When at a bar, guests are recommended to pay attention to the drinks menu. While prices of beverages in Latvia may seem very attractive to foreign visitors, bear in mind that every bar sets its own prices, and in some places prices might turn out to be higher than expected.

Entertainment and Relaxation

Bars are a great place to enjoy a positive vibe during sports championships. Watching games at bars brings together people with common interests, and, while it’s common for discussions to get going over a pint of beer.

Many bars and pubs offer dancing and live performances by bands and musicians. You might find some bars charge an entrance fee for events. Sometimes, people also gather in bars for poetry nights and board game tournaments. It’s best to turn to individual bars for detailed info since such events are rarely held daily.

Types of Pubs

During the winter months, pubs operate indoors, however, as the summer season arrives, many of them also offer open-air terraces. These are usually found on pavements and squares, sometimes on roofs or upper floors offering a place to enjoy a glass of wine and the city views from above.

Pubs in suburbs and outside the city are often located on roadsides or are part of guest houses or tourist attractions. Roadside pubs and bars are good stopovers for drivers. Country pubs are often characterised by a calm atmosphere are a great setting for romantic and relaxing dinners after an active day.

Whichever pub you choose, it is bound to let you unwind, make new friends and get to know the local mentality.

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Features and facilities
Restorāns Vincents

Restorāns Vincents

Elizabetes iela 19, Rīga, LV-1010
+371 67332830


It’s almost impossible to describe all that oriental beauty which is сcombined in all four rooms of the restaurant Uzbekistana.
Bruņinieku iela 33, Rīga, LV-1001
+371 67292270
D’vine Bar

D’vine Bar

The first wine bar in Riga with a modern interior and unique lighting creates the pleasant atmosphere where guests can enjoy good wine, popular Spanish tapas or tasty salads...
Elizabetes iela 55, Rīga, LV-1010
+371 67772217
Picorāns "Tami Tami"

Picorāns "Tami Tami"

Lielā iela 19a, Jelgava, LV-3001


The pub will delight you both by its comfortable rooms and memorable festivities, as well as by its excellent cuisine provided by our expert cooks.
Salacgrīva district, Salacgrīva parish, Rakari, LV-4033
+371 64071122

Steiku Haoss Meistaru iela

Steiku Haoss– Riga's trailblazer in the aesthetics and cuisine of the Wild West – has expanded into three restaurants over the last ten years.
Mesistaru iela 25, Rīga, LV-1050
+371 67222419
Ogres Prestizs

Restorāns "Ogres Prestižs"

Ogre district, Mednieku iela 21/23, Ogre, LV-5001
+371 65035785
LIDO Lidosta

LIDO Lidosta

Mārupe district, Starptautiskā lidosta "RĪGA", LV-1053
+371 67068771
Trīs draugi

Bārs "Trīs draugi"

Rūjiena district, Valdemāra iela 6, Rūjiena, LV-4240
+371 64263694