Blank Canvas

13.05 - 17.05.2014

The goal of the festival "Blank Canvas: art ground, crime ground, play ground?" is to encourage public understanding of street art with the help of discussions, presentations and artwork.

"Blank Canvas" curator Edgars Zvirgzdiņš
  • "Blank Canvas" curator Edgars Zvirgzdiņš
  • Photo: Kaspars Garda, "Rīga 2014"

The street art festival week will consist of two parts – in daytime, street artists together with participants and volunteers in previously selected and coordinated spots in different places in Riga will create art, while in the evenings, the audience will be introduced to street art to attract more public attention, as well as the chance to learn something new by attending lectures, discussions and workshops, hosted by professionals. Curator - Edgars Zvirgzdiņš.

Club "Nabaklab" and city enviroment
Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica bulvāris 12, Rīga
Target Group: 
  • Youth and budget travelers
56.950974, 24.110525
Last updated: 11.06.2014