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01.05.2014 to 31.05.2014
01.05.2014 to 18.05.2014

The aim of "iRiga" is to explore and show Riga city from different unusual angles. At the closing exhibition of "Riga Photo Month 2014. Urban Viewfinders", particularly selected photos that Riga residents took will be represented.

"iRiga" started in 2013 with a photo competition for amateurs and professionals – basically, for everyone who likes to take photos. All in all, 11 themes were proposed for the competition during which photographies were sent in via e-mail. All of them are currently put on "Flickr" website.

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Venue name: 
Galerija "Centrs"
Audēju iela 16, LV-1050
Association "Rīgas Fotomēnesis"
+ 371 26728549