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Jewellery exhibition by Latvian textile artist Iveta Vecenāne "Softness of glass beads"

02.01.2014 to 15.01.2014
Monday - Saturday
10:00 - 19:00

Iveta Vecenāne's works are based on the ancient archetypal thinking of the Balts, and the perfectly fit in today's reality through the creation of harmony with contemporary textiles. The artist persistently fights against the grey daily routine, creates a colourful, mythical world and invites to a conversation about the softness that is hidden deep inside colours, blossoms and woman's power.

The exhibition consists of several jewellery collections and series.

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Venue name: 
Baltu rotu muzejs
Grēcinieku iela 11/2, LV-1050
+371 67220270