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Mara Day summer celebration and fair "Savour the Flavour at Valmiermuiza"

11:00 - 15:00

When the harvest is at its full, people set up festive tables to thank the nature for its rich goods.

It is also a reason for local producers and craftsmen to gather at the park by the Valmiermuiža manor to offer various delicious goods to serve on the table, cooling, locally produced refreshments, sweets and carefully made jewellery, pottery items and embroidered linen table cloths.

In the creative workshops the guests will be invited to learn more about Māra Day traditions and wisdoms coming from our ancestors, as well as feast themselves with excellent food made by the chefs of Valmiermuiža.

For the entertainment of the youngest visitors, as usual, horseback or pony back riding will be offered.  The fair and celebration “Savour the Flavour at Valmiermuiža” is held eight times a year, honouring Latvian annual customs.

Venue name: 
"Valmiermuižas alus" darītava
Burtnieki district, Valmiera parish, Dzirnavu iela 2, Valmiera
57.555559, 25.431040
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