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Shine, Riga! 2014

14.11.2014 to 18.11.2014

During the festival of light "Shine, Riga!" 100 objects are designed to light up to be viewed up close, from afar and as part of the cityscape.

The facades, bridges, monuments and parks of Riga become the objects of the art of light installation and light and video technology, often complemented by theatrical elements. The viewers of "Shine, Riga!" - already the sixth such festival in the capital - are more than just observers, becoming participants of the processes of playing with light as active involvement of the public is frequently pre-requisite of the realization of the festival projects.

In the context of the festival of lights, the cityscape is a space of contemporary art addressing every inhabitant of Riga. For artists, it is a dialogue with the viewer and a challenge to offer a modern, visually engaging message reaching a possibly wide range of people. Various creative groups and technicians participate in the light festival. The program of festival competition and partners in collaboration is wide-ranging and open to local and international initiatives. The guests of the festival are also invited to enjoy its particular atmosphere in the taverns and restaurants of the Route of Light.

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Riga City Environment
Foundation "Riga 2014"
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