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Sunrise in the City


The Introvert Art Festival "Ad lucem" will feature a whole night program "Sunrise in the City", inviting presence on the Esplanade shared with particular musicians, in order to discover a unique, spiritual beat in the rhythm of breath of the city.

In an inviting tent set with cushions, the audience of this event will be stirred into meditative vibrations of introvert music and find a fresh sense of sunrise in the urban heart of Riga.

The Introvert Art Festival "Ad lucem" will be of interest to those people who are in search of understanding of the inner world, of the unusual and new, and who wish to be different and original.

A characteristic Festival trait is the phenomenon of introversion in music, which brings out the essential uniting elements and advances human understanding of universal values.

The Festival goal is to re-focus society’s attention from the external to the internal - to that indefinable, intangible higher artistic value, which allows artworks to outlast the generations.

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The Introvert Art Festival "Ad lucem"