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Urban Storytelling

18.08.2014 to 31.08.2014

Urban art festival “Urban Storytelling” offers a program for culture, integrated in the city or urban environment.

Events will be held in different places around Riga - each of them have a different, unique urban and humanly soul, its own space and central environment, surrounded by the life of the neighborhood. Therefore, the main activities of the festival will focus on this aspect, the stories of each neighborhood will be told. The events of Brasa district will be held at Lielie kapi (local grand cemetery); Zolitude district - at the yard of the 12-story residential apartment building complex; Sarkandauga district - at the open park territory of the psychoneurological hospital, but in the Grizinkalns district - in the Varnu-Zvaigznu Street areas.

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Riga districts: Brasa, Zolitūde, Sarkandaugava, Grīziņkalns