Guest houses

In Latvia, a guesthouse is a site of accommodation and service that contains no less than five rooms.

Guesthouses are a good accommodation solution if the number of travellers is larger and you wish to visit the Latvian countryside. Guesthouses usually offer a friendly atmosphere and good-quality service. For those who can appreciate recreation in nature, a guesthouse will be a good choice of accommodation.

Depending on the range of services, guesthouses are assigned the first, second, third or fourth category. You can find out more about the quality criteria and the offerings of each respective category of accommodation at the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Latvia (LVRA) which certifies Latvian accommodations in accordance with EU, Nordic and Baltic classification standards. Guesthouses are also rated by the Association Lauku ceļotājs (Countryside Traveller).

In this section, you can find guesthouses that meet the standards of LVRA and Lauku ceļotājs.

  • Camping and guest house offers recreation at the river Venta, 7 km from Ventspils in the Kuldiga direction. Located 300 m from the bus stop.
    Ventspils district, Vārve parish, Kempings Doniņi, LV-3622
    +371 29255061
  • A sauna cottage not far from Cēsis, in the ancient Gauja river valley, opposite the Kvēpene hillfort.
    Amata district, Drabeši parish, "Rakši", LV-4139
    +371 20009098
  • Facilitated rooms with separate entrance for each of them. Located 200m from the bus stop.
    Karlīnes iela 28, Ventspils, LV-3601
    +371 29277050
  • “Kalēja māja” (Blacksmith's House) is located in a quiet street of Vecliepāja, 500 m from the sea.
    Kalēju iela 8, Liepāja, LV-3401
    +371 26488200
  • Guest house – motel with fully equipped rooms and apartments is located near the city center of Ventspils. Driving school and car rent next...
    Sarkanmuižas dambis 26, Ventspils
    +371 29499123
  • Facilitated guest house with WC, shower, TV, satellite and Internet connection in each room.
    Mazā Puķu iela 4/6, Ventspils, LV-3601
    +371 63623878
  • Recreation and sport centre is situated in Zhocene, Roja district, - 127 km from Riga (near Kolka). You will experience solar, warm and cosy...
    Roja district, Roja parish , Žocene, LV-3264
    +371 28600600
  • A pub and a guest house at Jūrkalne - between Ventspils and Jūrkalne. Rustic interior, cosy atmosphere. Sauna with a pool, a meeting room.
    Ventspils district, Jūrkalne parish, Jaunarāji, LV-3626
    +371 26133995
  • Guest house in an old mill built ~180 years ago is located 7 km from Rujiena on the bank of River Ruja.
    Naukšēni district, Ķoņi parish , "Ķoņu dzirnavas", LV-4247
    +371 28346892
  • Active holidays in summer or winter, on the shores of Lake Kosa, 36 km from Cēsis.  Party room, sauna, country sauna, massage bath.
    Amata district, Skujene parish, Skujene, LV-4143
    +371 29411704