Guest houses

In Latvia, a guesthouse is a site of accommodation and service that contains no less than five rooms.

Guesthouses are a good accommodation solution if the number of travellers is larger and you wish to visit the Latvian countryside. Guesthouses usually offer a friendly atmosphere and good-quality service. For those who can appreciate recreation in nature, a guesthouse will be a good choice of accommodation.

Depending on the range of services, guesthouses are assigned the first, second, third or fourth category. You can find out more about the quality criteria and the offerings of each respective category of accommodation at the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Latvia (LVRA) which certifies Latvian accommodations in accordance with EU, Nordic and Baltic classification standards. Guesthouses are also rated by the Association Lauku ceļotājs (Countryside Traveller).

In this section, you can find guesthouses that meet the standards of LVRA and Lauku ceļotājs.

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    At Košrags village, 800m from the sea, a new guest house and camping.
    Dundaga district, Dundaga parish, Koršrags, Pītagi, LV-3275
    +371 29372728
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    A comfortable country retreat set within beautiful Latvian countryside where mighty Daugava and Perse rivers meet.
    Koknese district, Koknese parish, Bilstiņi, Riekstukalni 1, LV-5113
    +371 29295900
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    Separated from the coast of the Baltic Sea only by 200 meters of pine forest and sand dunes, the guest house is located in the scenic Kemeri...
    Engure district, Lapmežciems parish, Bigauņciems, Stepes, LV-3118
    +371 27099099
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    The Guest house Alexander is located on the shore of Zolvas Lake, in the heart of Latgale.
    Riebiņi district, Rušona parish, Zolva, "Viesu māja "Alexsander"", LV-5329
    +371 20197180
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    Recreation for you - in a tranquil seaside village located only 65km from Riga and 500m from the Baltic Sea between Kesterciems and Engure
    Lauku iela 2a, Engure district, Engure parish, Ķesterciems, LV-3113
    +371 26435515, +371 29248876
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    Cosy accommodation in quiet place. Close to river Venta. TV, WC and shower in each room. Car parking in the yard. Sauna and rooms for...
    Pulkveža iela 27, Ventspils district, LV-3601
    +371 29250369
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    The hotel name is for honour of its mistress Maya who will care about your comfort and convenience and will offer a tasty breakfast or will simply...
    Murjāņu iela 3, Saulkrasti district, Saulkrasti, LV-2160
    +371 67951372
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    Right on the bank of the Daugava river, near Jaunjelgava town, a comfortable guest house for seminars and parties, sports events and family...
    Ķegums district, Birzgale parish, Vecupe, LV-5033
    +371 65152250
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    Guesthouse near Cēsis, quiet country atmosphere.  Small party room (30 people) and large party room (70).
    Amata district, Drabeši parish, Lejas Astītes, LV-4101
    +371 29158821
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    Rest and recreation right on the seashore at Saulkrasti: a bar, party and conference rooms, 20 comfortable and cozy bed places, sauna, playing...
    Raiņa iela 11, Saulkrasti district, Saulkrasti, LV-2160
    +371 67951400