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Dr.Mauriņa Vēnu klīnika

UK Dr. Maurina Venu Centrs was founded under the guidance of medical doctor Uldis Maurins. Experienced physicians-phlebologists will answer all the patients' questions and provide information on treatment options. The center provides the necessary treatment using different treatment methods for the lower extremity veins: sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy under ultrasound control, transcutaneous laser therapy, shave therapy and laser surgeries of the veins using Biolitec ELVeS Painless laser combined with radial emitting laser fibers (ELVeS Radial), which is currently the most innovative technology for the treatment of veins in the world.

We also offer a complex treatment of venous and lymphatic edema ‒ swelling reduction using mechanical lymphodrainage combined with compression bandaging, followed by prescription of appropriate medical compression stockings for further therapy.


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