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Health Centre 4

SIA Veselības centrs 4 (Health Centre 4 or HC4) is currently one of the largest and most advanced multi profile private health care clinic in Latvia, with modern equipment and unique technologies in many fields.

The HC4 doctors, working as a team, offer high-quality and diverse medical services:

·    Diagnostics

·    Preventive care

·    A wide array of medical treatments

-     Gynaecology

-     Cardiology

-     Surgery

-     Phlebology

-     Proctology

-     Dentistry

-     Neurology

-     Sleep disorder treatment

-     Vaccination

·    Aesthetic medicine

·    Rehabilitation

·    Beauty services

Health Centre 4 has a wide network of branches and related companies: the Baltic Vein Clinic, the Dermatology and Surgery Clinic, the Wellslim Centre, the 4th Dimension, the Jugla Clinic, the Children’s Health Centre, the Diagnostic Department, and others.

Type of medical service: 
Cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive treatment
Dental treatment
Diagnostics and treatments
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