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I. Vasaraudze Private Clinic

I. Vasaraudze Private Clinic is a small clinic located in the capital of Latvia, Riga. The facade of the new and modern building hides a state-of-the-art, multi-profile medical centre which is equipped according to the latest scientific achievements and offers the highest standards of medical care and comfort.

The main achievement of the Clinic is its team of doctors and medical staff which includes specialists with rich clinical experience and excellent reputation.

The examinations at the clinic are performed in a private atmosphere, with no queues, and they are performed by the most prestigious Latvian specialists in their fields who use the latest medical and technical equipment to assure maximum patient safety and comfort. Use of the latest medical equipment and immediate performance of examinations and tests allow to recommend the clinic to the patients requiring high-level medical service and individual attitude. The atmosphere in the clinic is homely and positive, and this facilitates successful treatment and examinations.

Type of medical service: 
Diagnostics and treatments
Fertility and Reproductive Health
Cancer diagnostics and treatment
56.957451, 24.138840
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