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The Jugla Clinic

The Jugla Clinic is a modern, high-tech outpatient health care centre, with two modern operation rooms, a walk-in clinic and a patient lounge.

The Jugla Clinic works in the fields of:

·    Phlebology:


oVein treatment (laser surgery, radio frequency surgery, steam micro-impulse surgery)

oTreatment of cosmetic defects – closing of micro capillaries on the face and legs

·    Dermatology:

·    Diagnosis and removal of skin formations

·    Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all kinds of skin and nail diseases

·    Cosmetic dermatology:

·    Photorejuvenation — elimination of signs of skin aging, renewal of skin colour and elasticity, removal of fine lines.

·    Plastic laser surgery for various scar tissue types using a Fraxel Co2 laser

·    Gynaecology

·    Neurology

·    Urology

·    Proctology

The clinic is certified (ISO 9001:2008) and has contracts with five foreign health insurance companies.

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