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Latvian - American Eye Center

The Latvian - American Eye Center Ltd was the first private general eye clinic in the Baltic States to provide eye care for both adult and paediatric patients. We offer everything from regular eye examinations and vision check-ups with eyeglass prescription to advanced diagnostics and eye surgeries, including High Definition Vision correction. The clinic was established in 1993 by an American surgical ophthalmologist John J. McDermott, M.D. and follows the model of private eye clinics in the United States of America.

The medical personnel is trained by American and European experts but the service is provided only by the best local staff – certified ophthalmologists, nurses and other support staff.  American and other internationally recognized surgical technologies in ophthalmic care have been successfully brought to Latvia by our American colleagues back in the 1990-ies and have now become an integral part of how we provide healthcare.   The clinic holds the Latvian State Medical Quality Certificate which carries the motto of the Latvian-American Eye Center: “Excellence in Medical Care and Education”. 

Type of medical service: 
Diagnostics and treatments
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