• Lielezers

„kim?” in Riga marks its 5th year with several art happenings


May 2-June 1 at the „kim?” Contemporary Art Centre, NF presents: From A to Be to See to D is an opportunity to see the works of painter Adriel  van  Drimmelen from Memphis, the multimedia artist Frederique  Pisuissefrom Groningen, another multimedia artist Nicholas Riisfrom Osloand sculptor Evita Vasiļjeva from Riga.

Van Drimmelen in this exhibition formulates thought perhaps too personally and precisely, feels responsible about NF formulating its objectives, tries to get his colleagues to return to „reality”. Maybe he’s just fearful?

Pisuisse studies videomaterials that are transformed into sculptures, three-dimensional cognition decomposition; here theatrical characters stare out a window. Riis has created an imposing installation, using sculptures and videos. Sculptures that in form are akin to furniture, in tandem with the artist as a child, seen in an amateur video. The creative process is a central theme of Vasiļjeva’s works; how a work comes into the world, its formation, its physical preparation. In her new series, water and plaster of Paris are an additional element, and the creative process itself becomes a work of art. 

Within the exhibition NF presents: From A to Be to See to D – kim? SALON – an exhibition of kim?'s growing collection from May 17 –  June 1.

Continuation of this exhibition at the contemporary art platform P/////AKT, Amsterdam, with its conclusion