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25,000 people attend "Positivus" festival


A total of about 25,000 people attended the "Positivus" music and art festival in Salacgriva last weekend, of which about 10,000 were staying in the festival's tent village, according to festival organizers' estimates.

"Positivus Music" representative Zane Peneze told LETA the organizers considered this year's festival a success.

Peneze also said she was sorry for those people who were hospitalized for food poisoning after eating at one of the kebab stands on the festival grounds, and wished them speedy recovery, adding that, despite the organizers' efforts to ensure all festival participant's safety, such incidents could not be completely ruled out.

Peneze said that the "Positivus" festival would certainly be organized next year as well - as usual, on the third weekend of July.

As reported, the sixth annual "Positivus" festival was taking place last Friday and Saturday.