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56% followed XXV Nationwide Latvian Song and XV Dance Festival closely


56 percent of economically active Latvian residents followed the XXV Nationwide Latvian Song and XV Dance Festival closely, according to a survey carried out by the market, social and media research company "TNS Latvia".

Out of those who kept track of the festival, 44 percent watched or listened to mass media broadcasts. Most often, residents ages 40 to 55, Latvians, rural residents and Latvian-speakers families were the ones to follow the festival closely.

12 percent attended the festival.

44 percent did not pay attention to the festival - mostly foreign citizens, Rigans, non-citizens and residents with secondary education.

Out of those who followed the festival, 90 percent had a positive opinion of it, 10 percent assessed the festival as "average".

32 percent also said they planned to attend the next Nationwide Latvian Song and Dance Festival, 46 did not have such plans.

The survey was carried out from July 9 to 11; 800 residents ages 18 to 55 were interviewed.