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Adventure in the air – hang gliding, motorized parachutes and sky diving


If you still have not had enough adventure and recklessness during your visit to Latvia, this can be easily corrected by contacting one of the country’s hang gliding, motorizes parachute or sky diving clubs. These are adventures where persons can prove their bravery, as well as see breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside from above.

Hang gliding flights with ultra-light aircraft, as well as flights on motorized parachutes are organized under the supervision of experienced pilots. On the other hand, it is possible to jump out of plane and sky dive alone or with an experienced sky diver to guide you.

Enthusiasts from the hang gliding club "motodeltaplans.lv" offer a unique opportunity. The ultra-light motorized hang gliding aircraft flown by the club’s pilots take off into the air from the Daugava River, giving passengers the opportunity to see the city Riga from above in an exciting way.

These hang gliding aircraft can also take off from a runway using wheels. The "motodeltaplans.lv" team offers such rides on its hang gliding aircraft from Spilve Airport, about a 40 minute drive from Riga, as well as in Jelgava (central Latvia). It is also possible to take hang gliding rides in Daugavpils (southeastern Latvia), offered by local hang gliding club "Ultra".

On the other hand, taking to the air on motorized parachutes are offered by the "Adrenalins" club in Riga, as well as the "Ultra" club in Daugavpils. "Adrenalins" offers motorized parachute flights from Riga as well as from a wide range of places in Latvia, and even offers spectacular flights over the Baltic Sea from the coastal village of Jurkalne.

Both clubs also offer special courses, where persons can obtain motorized parachute licenses.

If hang gliding and motorized parachutes are relatively new in the active adventure scene, sky diving is already a classic. Brave persons can travel to Liepaja (southwestern Latvia) or Daugavpils (southeastern Latvia) to go sky diving. Here local professionals will teach people how it is done. In Liepaja, local skydiving club "Kurzemes Aeroklubs" offer skydiving jumps, whilst in Daugavpils - "Daugavpils Izpletnleceju sporta klubs".

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