• Lielezers

Adventure campaign "The Great Baltic Tour"


In order to encourage residents of the Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, to become more familiar with their countries, the fifth annual adventure campaign “The Great Baltic Tour” will be held from May 5 to September 15.

The participants of the campaign will be able to visit historic places, adventure and water parks, and areas of outstanding natural beauty. The organizers offer 30 exciting and unforgettable places to visit – 10 in each country. To win any of the prizes, the participants will have to find as many specific locations, depicted in the official brochure photo, as possible, take a picture of themselves at the locations, and upload the pictures to www.greatbaltic.eu.

“The campaign is both entertaining and educational. People tend to travel a lot and sometimes they know more about the architectural monuments and most beautiful sights abroad instead of the ones in their own countries,” explain organizers.

Winners and prizes will be drawn. The prizes include airline tickets, hot air balloon rides, apartments in luxurious hotels and meals in exquisite restaurants.