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Airline Skyways recommends to visit Riga


Eight hundred years has shaped the city's unique appearance and rich traditions. Because of its geographical position on the Baltic Sea, Riga has been an important center for trade, finance and culture for centuries, as Skyways – the Swedish airline describes the capital of Latvia raising tourists’ interest in this beautiful and historically rich city.

Riga has a unique architecture from the Middle Ages, but you'll also find architecture from the 1900s, Art Nouveau and wooden architecture.

The city has a wide space in the cultural Western Europe. The city is dynamic and you will find music, art and activities that are typical of Riga and Latvia. For centuries, the creative atmosphere in Riga developed and inspired composers, poets and artists.

Riga attracts visitors in many ways - its rich history, architecture, spacious gardens and parks, museums, art galleries and opera of world-class. Long walks in the enormous colorful central market or going to a cafe, club or pub.

It is impossible not to love Riga, as representatives of Skyways note.