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"Angel Glass Design" hopes to conquer Russian market

 | Nozare.lv

Glass and crystal dishware brand's "an&angel" producer "Angel Glass Design" will continue to enter new export markets, of which Russia is the nearest goal, as "Angel Glass Design's" project manager Agnese Gara-Nimane told "Nozare.lv".

She said that most of the enterprise's production or 70 percent is exported, with the remaining 30 percent sold in Latvia. Gara-Nimane also added that after participation in international exhibitions, which the enterprise does twice a year, the dish export increases to 90 percent.

Most of "Angel Glass Design" products are exported to Germany, but Canada is also interested in the designs. The enterprise is currently in talks with potential clients in Lebanon and Israel.

Gara-Nimane pointed out that the next export market, they want to conquer, is Russia. "This October, "Riga Days" will take place in St.Petersburg, with a solo exhibition by "Angel Glass Design" designer Artis Nimanis.

"This is to be our first step in conquering this market," said the enterprise's representative.

According to "Lursoft" database at the Register of Enterprises, "Angel Glass Design" was established in 2004. Its turnover in 2010 was LVL 41,000, but profits - LVL 367.