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Around 100,000 saw "Beaming Riga" light festival


As many as 100,000 people may have visited central Riga to see the "Beaming Riga" light festival from November 17 through November 20, as the festival's creative director, Diana Civle, told LETA, adding though that it was a rough estimate as it was difficult to determine the precise number of participants at such events, furthermore, the festival was four days, and many came to see it more than once.

A total of almost 100,000 maps showing the locations of the "Beaming Riga" installations and 10,000 festival booklets were handed out at festival information centers during these four days, said Civle, adding that the total number of attendees this year was larger than in 2010.

Overall, the festival was a success because many new participants and young people were involved this year. This year, the festival saw more video projections and also, for the first time ever, a light, fountain and music installation in the Vermane Park fountain.

The organizers have received many responses. "There are always all kinds of remarks, including critical - it is good that people have their own opinion. I do now mean the anonymous complainers, who never like anything. There are also those who have not really seen anything, yet have an opinion. And there are the "sprinters", who quickly pass by a few installations and feel prepared to criticize. This festival encourages people to watch and observe. This year, artists' installations were telling stories. To judge, one had to stop and listen," said Civle.

Riga Tourism Development Bureau had advertised the festival abroad, however, there was no separate budget meant specifically for the festival, and Civle believes that the next festivals should have one.