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"Ashley Colburn Productions" to make film series about Latvia

 | Nozare.lv

The United States' TV producer, author and personality Ashley Colburn will be working in Latvia in May to shoot five video stories about Latvia; the project is organized in collaboration with the State Tourism Development Agency, Sigulda Town Council, Liepaja City Council and national airline "airBaltic".

Colburn's series of travel programs "Wonders of the World" is popular not only in the United States but also many other countries where the programs are broadcast. The "Takeoff" programs by "Ashley Colburn Productions", aired by "Wealth TV" television, are also highly popular. "Ashley Colburn Productions" programs are watched by about 100 million in total.

It was Latvian Honorary Consul in the United States Juris Bunkis who suggested Colburn to make a series of shows about Latvia.

"Ashley Colburn Productions" creative team will work in Riga, Liepaja and Sigulda. The total duration of the videos will be 52 minutes, divided into five ten-minute videos telling of tourism products that offer tourists to get involved, learn new experience and experience new emotions.

"Ashley Colburn Productions" stories about Latvia will be aired in not only the United States but also Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia and other countries.

Over the past three years, Colburn's company created broadcasts about 25 countries, of which two - about Croatia and Machu Picchu - received the prestigious Emmy Award.