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"BalticMiles" loyalty program expands from 130 to 210 partners in 2012

 | Nozare.lv

The multi-partner loyalty program "BalticMiles" expanded from 130 to 210 partners in 2012, up 61 percent from 2011, as the company informed the "Nozare.lv" business portal.

"BalticMiles" also forged strategic alliances with the largest Finnish bank "Pohjola" and Russia's "SMP Bank" to strengthen its position in these countries.

"BalticMiles" CEO Gabi Kool says that 2012 has been a great step towards the company's goal of becoming a strong player in the Baltics, Russia and Finland.

"BalticMiles" has also continued to grow in Latvia, adding seven strong retailers as partners in the Latvian market. The new partners have brought more points of sales to earn points: 20,100, up 90 percent from 10,577 POS a year before. The program has also enlisted 150 percent more online shops, from 400 to 1,000, and has attracted 133 percent more followers on its "Facebook" page, from 6,000 to 14,000.

The growth of "BalticMiles" helped achieve a 42% increase in revenues.

Launched in October 2009, "BalticMiles" is the leading multi-partner loyalty program in Northern Europe and Russia.