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Best butter, kefir and curds producers to be determined at "Riga Food" exhibit


To determine the best butter, kefir and curds produced in Latvia, a competition will be organized for these products during the international exhibition "Riga Food" in September, the business portal "Nozare.lv" was informed by the organizers of the event.

The competition is organized by the Latvian Central Union of Dairy Farmers (LPCS), in cooperation with the international exhibition organizers "BT1".

The goal of the competition of food products is to capsule and highlight the experience of the best butter, kefir and curds-producing enterprises and experts, as well as to popularize the consumption of dairy products in the diets of the population.

"Dairy product competitions are important both to dairy farmers, in order to show the best producers, and to consumers, so as to learn which dairy processor products are most valued. Already traditionally, "Riga Food" medals are an identification mark for genuinely-outstanding products," noted LPCS chairman of the board Janis Solks.

In the butter competition, the best sweet cream and sour cream butter, containing 80 to 90 percent of milk fat, will be determined. In 2010, 4,500 tons of butter was produced in Latvia, of which 1,604 tons were exported. According to LPCS data, in average, one Latvian citizen consumes 1.8 kilograms of butter, containing at least 80 percent fat.

A kefir competition with 2.5 percent fat will also take place during the exhibition. In accordance with LPCS data, last year 26,000 tons of kefir were produced in Latvia, and one resident in Latvia yearly consumes 12 liters of it.

Dairy farmers, who produce curds with 9 percent of fat, will also compete for the "Riga Food" medals. According to LPCS data, in 2010 about 3,500 tons of curds were produced in Latvia, but on average every resident consumes about 2 kilograms of curds with 9 percent of fat every year.

The competition winners will receive "Riga Food 2011" gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as LPCS merit diplomas and cash gifts.

As reported, the annual international food, drinks, food processing, technology, packing, innovation, hotel and shop equipment and service fair "Riga Food" will run at the international exhibition center "Kipsala" September 7 to September 10.