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Bird watching during autumn migration period


In the autumn, when migratory birds begin their long journey back to warmer climates in the south, bird watchers and nature lovers have the excellent opportunity of observing the migration of these various types of birds.

Special bird watching towers and platforms have been constructed throughout the country, where enthusiasts are able to observe these beautiful creatures.

Probably the best place to watch migratory birds in the autumn period is at the Pape Nature Park in southern Kurzeme Province.

Birds that migrate to the south during the autumn season usually fly adjacent to the sea coast. The climax of the migratory birds is usually the end of September and the beginning of October, when endless numbers of birds or different species fly through the air southwards.

During the autumn season, other good places to see migratory birds are at Lake Liepaja and the Kolka Horn in Kurzeme Province, at lake Kanieris and Sloka near Riga, as well as along the Baltic Sea coast in Vidzeme Province.

Having a good pair of binoculars is a must when going bird-watching, furthermore, weather conditions must be taken into account, so that you can choose the appropriate outdoor clothing. A local bird-watching guidebook is also recommended, so that you could more easily identify the various bird species.

It is always possible to organize accommodation near bird watching areas in Latvia. It must also be taken into account that some bird-watching towers or platforms are located on private property, and thus the permission of the owner before going out would be a good idea and usually should not be a problem to arrange.