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Club "Piens" presents "Excepter" live in concert

 | www.skanumezs.lv

April 21 at 7 p.m. in the "Piens" venue (Aristida Briāna ielā 9), get ready for the epitome of noise music, from Brooklyn NYC, it’s "Excepter".

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Spontaneous, destructive improv with a speck of dance and underground ambient, peppered with silly humor could just about describe it. Devotees are into the eclectic, and know the forgotten and the odd in pop culture, and definitely like to get rowdy.

Founded in 2002, the group are J.Ryan, L.Ryan, J.Williams and J.Nicholson. After a two-year break, the mini-album "Christisland” last year signaled their return, and prmise of a long-playing disc.

www.pitchfork.com  lauds "Christisland", and comments that "Excepter" still sounds different from all other music the past 10 years. THE WIRE magazine included the group’s recordings on its best lists in 2004, 2006 and 2008.

The concert is organized by "Skaņu Mežs": www.skanumezs.lv

Tickets - www.bilesuserviss.lvhttp://www.bilesuserviss.lv/eng/concerts/muzika/cits/?concert=143320