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Collective hunting season begins


Persons interested in hunting have an excellent opportunity of going out on individual hunts in Latvia, as well as on group hunts. Special hunting towers are located throughout the country.

Collective hunting season in Latvia begins on October 1, and is usually the biggest day of the year for hunters, because they can once again go on group hunts.

Latvia has a wide range of prey that can be hunted, from large animals to water birds.

Various guest houses throughout the country can organize hunting tours, as well as many local travel agencies.

For example, "Real Safari" is one company that organizes hunting trips in Kurzeme Province, whilst the "Šmiti" farm is place in Vidzeme Province where hunts can be organized. The state-owned joint-stock company "Latvijas Valsts mezi" (Latvian State Forests) also organizes hunting trips in Latvia, with the Latvian Safari Club specializing in organizing hunts for foreigners. Regional tourism offices also have information on hunting in specific regions.

Collective hunts can be organized at the "Šmiti" farmstead in Salacgriva Region (northern Latvia). The farmstead offers over 4,500 hectares of hunting territory, where persons can hunt such animals as wild boar, moose, lynx, wolves, beavers, deer, rabbits, raccoon and various other animals. Sometimes bears are even known to enter the territory. Duck hunting at the Randa meadows is also on offer.

When participating in collective hunts in Latvia, foreign hunters can bring their own dogs with them. At the same time, hunting in Latvia is a good way for foreign guests to acquaint themselves with the Latvian hunting dog breed – the Latvian Hound, which local hunters say is the best type of hunting dog for local hunts.

Foreign guests can hunt in Latvia if they have valid hunting licenses from their respective countries. They must also get a permit from the Latvian State Forest Service and purchase a local hunting card. Hunting rifles can be used after receiving permit from the State Police.