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Creative quarter – Miera Street Republic


Miera Street Republic is a quarter in Riga which houses various projects by local artists – galleries, clubs, workshops, cafes, hair saloons and small shops selling works by local artists.

The Republic, which is located in buildings on Miera Street between Brivibas Street and Tallinas Street, calls itself a "creative quarter" and is the city’s newest art district.

Most of the buildings located on cobblestone Miera Street were constructed between the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The quarter has a very artistic atmosphere to it, whilst at the same time is very peaceful. It is an attractive addition to the city, and has become popular with local and foreigners alike.

"The bottle recreation center "Butaljons" is a place where glass is reborn, as persons who bring in glass bottles can have them remade into proper glassware – glasses, dishes, bowls and other practical glassware items. On the other hand, café "Taka" adds tranquility to the area, offering customers vegetarian dishes, drinks, house apple wine, as well as organizes cultural events and concerts," said "Taka" spokeswoman Alise Ziemule.

"The cosy shop "ZE Store" sells a wide range of vintage clothing and items. Next door, the "DAD Cafe" ensures the return of customers who have eaten its famous lemon cake," Ziemule goes on to say. "The tea room "Illuseum" offers drinks in an atmosphere made for thinking, whilst the plant exchange room "Majas svetiba" allows people to exchange their plants, have their plants taken care of whilst they are away, or have their plants go through a special SPA treatment. The plant room also has a café, where people can sit and read in a relaxing atmosphere."