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Dance ensemble "Ligo" takes Song and Dance Festival's Grand Prix for best folk costumes


Folk dance ensemble "Ligo" took the Song and Dance Festival's Grand Prix for the best folk costume yesterday, as the festival's press secretary Inga Vasiljeva told LETA.

The jury evaluated folk costumes in six categories: choir, dance ensemble, folklore group, ethnographic and kokle ensembles, individual folk costumes.

The awards in these categories were presented to Jelgava mixed choir "Tik un ta", Tukums Culture Center's dance ensemble "Svita", "Ziemelblazma" culture center's kokle ensemble "Put, vejini", individual folk costumes made by Dagnija Parupe, Una Dzevecka and Mara Eglite.

As reported, the week-long festival will have 62 concerts and other events, with 41 of them free of charge.

The number of participants is 40,600 - 603 folk dance groups and 388 choirs.

Latvian singers and dancers from foreign countries will be in record number - 1,300.