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Dedicated To Elina Garanca, A Great Mezzo-Soprano From Latvia


There have been many great mezzo-sopranos in the history of opera such as Agnes Baltsa, Cecilia Bartoli, Frederica von Stade and many others since the role was first created and though it is not one which has been around as long as the role of soprano; it is still one of the most important voices in opera. There being many important parts for mezzo-sopranos in the world of opera with arguably the most famous of these being the role of the gypsy “Carmen” in the opera by the same name written by Georges Bizet.

For my part, I would like to say that one of my favorite mezzo-sopranos is Latvia’s Elina Garanca who has something about her which not only gives her voice a lovely sound to it; to place her amongst the best mezzo-sopranos of all time but makes her such a delight to see on stage. Of course, in all this I must say that I have never actually seen Elina Garanca live on stage yet I have seen her many times on the French TV channel “Mezzo”. It being there where in a video I saw how wonderful she was in the part of Giovanna from Verdi’s “Rigoletto”. Elina Garanca appearing alongside Anna Netrebko in a quartet  which also included Ramon Vargas and Ludovic Tezier while giving a delightful performance which not only blended in so nicely with these three distinguished singers but demonstrated her talent as a performer. Elina Garanca having a very playful spirit along with her graceful moves on stage which brings an interesting sex appeal to opera . This making her very similar in this respect to Angela Gheorghiu and Anna Netrebko.

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