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"Dream Team 1935" transforms Lithuanians into Latvian basketball fans for two hours - Lithuanian media


The Latvian movie ''Dream Team 1935'' (''Sapnu Komanda 1935''), which is about the Latvian basketball team which became the first ever European champions that year, has transformed Lithuanians, at least for two hours, into Latvian basketball fans, the Lithuanian news portal ''Delfi.lt'' writes in its movie review after the Latvian movie had its premiere in Lithuania.

Both Lithuanian film critics and well-known basketball stars, including the legendary Arvydas Sabonis, admitted after watching the movie that they were enthusiastically rooting for the Latvians in the movie.

''A great movie, with an interesting story. The movie was made with much care, as well as a good understanding of basketball. The editing was good, as were the actors. I, just like all of the others in the audience, were rooting for the Latvians for two hours,'' Lithuanian movie producer Vytautas Balsys said after the movie. ''The movie spoke about things that remain true to this day - a lack of financing. There has always been a conflict between ideas and financing.''

''The two hours passed by quickly. Even though we all knew the outcome of the movie, that the Latvians would win, I empathized with the the characters,'' Sabonis, who is also the president of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation, said. ''There were also some funny moments in the movie. It was touching.''