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Experimental music and movie festival "Skanu mezs"


The untamed experimental music and movie festival “Skanu mezs” (Forest of Sounds) continues to depict the latest trends in the world’s music. Every year, “Skanu mezs” invites the most interesting new artists of experimental music to Riga to perform in completely unusual venues – abandoned factories or empty multi-story buildings.

“Skanu mezs 2011” will be held on September 16-17.

This year, the festival will focus on musicians from Eastern and Central Europe, since these regions have gradually raised innovators of international music, points out “Skanu mezs” organizer Viestarts Gailitis.

Rhythm and dance music will be in the center of public attention during the festival’s first day, while the next day will feature several concerts in their classical meaning.

“Skanu mezs 2011” will also feature performances by Georgian musician Natalie Beridze, also known as TBA, and Mujuice or Roma Litvinov from Russia.

The festival will also present artists from Western Europe, for example, vocal and percussionist duo from Sweden - "Wildbirds & Peacedrums", as well as the stylistically unique duo from London - "Hype Williams".

“Skanu mezs” audiences are ready to part from the comfortable reality to open their minds to new musical opportunities and horizons.

Experimental sounds – drone and noise, disco metal and trans-folk, the diversity of styles is nearly unimaginable. If there is still a unique artist, then sooner or later he/she will perform at “Skanu mezs”.