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First 500 people receive Ventspils' new currency


Around 500 people have already received the new Ventspils currency - the "vent", that was introduced to attract tourists, and the interest in them continues to increase, as LETA was informed by Inga Aulmane, head of Ventspils Tourism Information Center.

Vents are accepted as discount coupons at the city's most popular tourist locations, or can simply be kept as a souvenir.

As interest in the new currency continues to grow, Ventspils Tourism Information Centre - the only place where vents can be obtained - has even hired extra staff members.

Yesterday in the first 30 minutes, the staff served 60 customers, whereas by noon today - 440. The first customers arrived only a few minutes before yesterday's press conference in Riga, where the new currency was presented.

The most active purchasers of vents are the inhabitants of Ventspils, and the most popular attraction place where they spend their vents is Ventspils Water Amusement Park, informed Aulmane.

The first to receive vents was Marta Jansone, inhabitant of Ventspils. "I like the idea. I own a cafe myself, and I hope that more visitors to Ventspils will dine here. The best is that this campaign was launched after the end of tourism season in order to attract visitors in the fall and winter when the tourist flow is decreasing. I am planning to give my 300 vents to my friends. I would suggest introducing a vents gift package. I think it would be in high demand," said Jansone.

The design of vents was created by the company "Poligrafijas agentura", and they were printed at "Uniprinta".

A total of one million vents have been released. Nominal values of the banknotes are 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 vents.

At the moment, there are two ways to obtain vents. First, each visitor to the city can receive 300 vents at Ventspils Tourism Information Center until December 1. Second, for creating a video on the Webpage www.visitventspils.com about what to see in the city, a person can receive 500 vents.

One of the symbols of Ventspils - a cow - is also depicted on vents banknotes.

100 vents are equal to 1 lat.