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"Gors" regional concert hall opens in Rezekne

 | Nozare.lv

Construction company "Arcers" has completed for inspection the regional multifunctional arts center/concert hall "Gors", also known as the Embassy of Latgale, "Arcers" representative Zane France told the "Nozare.lv" business portal.

The construction of "Gors" was ordered by Rezekne City Council. The designs were prepared by "Vizualas modelesanas studija" and architects Uldis Balodis and Daiga Bikse. Acoustic properties were calculated in cooperation with Swedish company "Akustion". Construction of "Gors" was supervised by "Isliena V". Total construction costs amounted to LVL 12.84 million not counting value-added tax.

The edifice has two acoustic concert halls, of which one is suited for 3D film screenings, a choreography hall, an orchestra rehearsal hall, fully-furnished artist dressing and makeup rooms, as well as a hall for choir and dance collective rehearsals. The center also has a marriage registration hall, a CD store, a restaurant and a large lobby where various exhibitions can be held.

The center sits on a 3.5 land parcel with cobblestone walkways and a parking lot for 170 automobiles, fountains and benches, and various greenery.

The building is remarkable in employing a variety of architectural forms, materials and colors. The building's walls are concrete with large glass panels.

The building has no basement, the lowest level is the orchestra and elevator pit. The building is six stories high, its total area is 11,166 square meters. The main auditorium has a seating capacity of 1,000, but the other - 250. The main auditorium's total with standing room is 2,500.

"I have to admit that the project was a serious challenge to the builders. Nothing of the kind has every been built in Latvia. The acoustic solutions were particularly challenging," says "Arcers" construction projects manager Uldis Dundurs.