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Highest swing in Latvia to open in Ogre Region's Keipene County


A new tourist attraction, "Supolu parks" (Swings Park) will open in Ogre Region's Keipene County on June 15, which will have the highest swing in Latvia.

The "Giant Swing" will be eleven meters high, it will also feature steps along one side so that it could be used as an observation platform, association "Nasta" CEO Inese Stare told LETA. The other attractions in the swing park will include the "Wheel", the "Norwegian Disk", the "Circle of Happiness", and others.

The swings in the park were made by the Latvian Chamber of Crafts member, house builder Talis Sala. The work on the facilities in the park continued for two years.

"We wanted to bring life to the place," explains Stare. "The best way was to get people interested and bring joy. What I will want most of all when I open the "Swing Park" will be to surprise people with the ingenious approach, show that creativity has its place in any area or activity of life - everywhere," says Stare, adding that more swings will be built in the future.