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House of Blackheads connected by passage to Riga Art Space


Today, a passage was opened in the basement of the House of Blackheads in Riga Old City that will connect it with Riga Art Space exhibition hall, creating a joint cultural complex.

The creation of the passage is a part of construction that took place in the House of Blackheads this summer.

The renovation scheduled to conclude until November 18, when a concert dedicated to the best teachers, policemen and social workers of Riga will be held in the House.

After the reconstruction, both buildings will be united in one complex and their management will be transferred to the Riga municipal housing management company "Rigas nami".

Riga City Council adopted a decision this year to include Town Hall in the share capital of "Rigas Nami", therefore all three buildings will be managed together and a joint tour plan through them will be developed.