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International jazz festival "Saulkrasti Jazz"


For one week, from July 18 to 23, the Latvian coastal town of Saulkrasti will become the country’s jazz capital, as it will once again be hosting the annual "Saulkrasti Jazz" festival.

As in previous years, this year’s festival will also feature special concerts, jam sessions and workshops. The open-air festival will be held at the "Minhauzena Unda" recreational center, which is so close to the Baltic Sea that waves can be heard during intermissions.

Each night, many local and foreign jazz acts will take the stage to please the eager "Saulkrasti Jazz" crowd. The musicians performing at the festival always include a mix of international jazz stars, up and coming jazz musicians, as well as musicians from Latvia and the Baltic States. The venue will also organize a week-long music camp, where musicians will be able to learn from and play with jazz musicians from all over the world. Persons can still apply for the master workshops.

Last year’s edition of the festival featured the "The James Taylor Quartet", and it is certain that this year’s festival will also feature performances from some of the world’s top jazz stars.