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"Laima" to start making "ethnic" Latvian ice cream in August

 | Nozare.lv

Joint-stock confectionery "Laima" in August will launch production of "ethnic Latvian ice cream" based on recipes received from all over Latvia, as the "Nozare.lv" business portal learned from the company.

Altogether, "Laima" has received 380 recipes.

"Laima" Marketing Manager Dace Kokina says that this will be the first product that "Laima" will have developed, from idea to end-product, in cooperation with consumers. Most of the recipes submitted by residents demonstrate true loyalty to local products. Many of the recipes are based on berries - woodland strawberries, raspberries, cloudberries and others. Many recipes also mention that the new ice cream should be filled in waffle cones.

In the near future, "Laima" technologists will select 15 best recipes. In July, they will be put up on the company's website, and a poll will be conducted to select the winning recipe. The work on the new ice cream brand will begin in August.

"Laima" is one of the largest chocolate and sweets producers in the Baltic countries.