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Latvia – the sixth safest tourism destination


Latvia is the sixth safest tourism destination, according to the list of top 10 safest tourism destinations, compiled by the experts of the Russian business media company RBC. The experts praise the golden beaches of Jurmala, that have never been threatened by any tsunamis.

Latvia is among world’s top 10 countries where “relaxation is not only pleasant, but also relatively safe,” point out experts.

“Tourists abroad constantly face dangerous situations – tsunamis, earthquakes and political crises. Is there actually a single place on Earth where it would be possible to relax peacefully? There are at least ten such countries,” answer experts.

French Polynesia and Malta were ranked higher than Latvia, the Netherlands and Montenegro – lower.

“The golden beaches of Jurmala have never been affected by tsunamis or any other natural disasters. However, this does not mean that tourists can lay back and forget about their belongings - there are more than enough pickpockets in Riga,” emphasize the experts.

The experts also address their Russian audience and confirm that Latvia will be a perfect destination for those who want to relax in a quiet, peaceful and safe place, without facing any language barrier.