• Lielezers

Latvia Searching for the Legendary Fern Blossom


If you ever needed a reason to visit Latvia, it doesn’t get more authentic than this: every Summer Solstice, Latvia is searching for the legendary fern blossom (Papardes zieds), in a pagan festival known locally by many names: Līgo!, Jāņi Day, Grass Day, and Grass Evening. Call it what you may, Latvians consider this the most authentic and the most Latvian of their holidays.

Mid-summer festival Līgo (female name Līga is celebrated in June 23 and līgovakars takes place every year on the night between June 23rd and 24th) or Jāņi (male name Jānis is one of the most popular in Latvia and is celebrated at June 24) is a celebration of the summer solstice.

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