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Latvian choir "Latvian Voices" wins gold medal and overall title at World Choir Games


Latvian vocal ensemble "Latvian Voices" won the "Female Chamber Choirs" category of the 2012 World Choir Games last night, the organizers of the event inform.

The ''Latvian Voices'' a cappella vocal group is made up of seven singers - Laura Jekabsone, Andra Blumberga, Karina Kaminska, Nora Vitina, Zane Stafecka, Laura Leontjeva and Elina Smukste.

Furthermore, the Latvian mixed choir of the Latvian Academy of Culture ''Sôla'' won three gold medals this past weekend representing at the World Choir Games. The medals’ categories were mixed choirs, folklore and sacral music, with the latter one bringing in the most amount of points.

As reported, the 2014 World Choir Games will be held in Riga.