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Latvian Pavilion at 55th Venice Biennale returns to Riga

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The Riga version of Latvia’s pavilion at the 55th International Venice Biennale will be on show at the “kim?” contemporary art centre from March 27 to April 25. The exhibition encompasses Kaspars Podnieks’ photographs from the series “Rommel’s Dairy” along with the supporting soundtrack and Krišs Salmanis’ installation – a motorized animation of the “moving tree” showcased at the Venice Biennial.

Unfolding the relationship between the artist and the real and constantly changing, man-made world, including the imaginary boundaries of Europe and the centres, the artists focussed on highlighting the phenomena of identity, uncertainty and intermediates.

Kaspars Podnieks’ forte is photography and video, installations and environment objects. In his creative work, he has drawn inspiration from his native Drusti village, in the social and political life of which he is an active participant.

Krišs Salmanis has been participating in international exhibitions since 1996. He works in the fields of photography, video, installation, animation and graphics.

The Latvian pavilion at the Venice Biennale was organised by “kim?” in collaboration with the New York art space “Art in General”. New artworks, created especially for the Arsenale of Venice, were included in the “North by Northeast” exhibition – large-scale photographs and video by Kaspars Podnieks, portraying Drusti farmers against the background of their farms, and Krišs Salmanis’ installation – a rhythmically swaying tree.

The Latvian pavilion was visited by a record-breaking 222,620 people during the six months from June 2013 to November 2013.