• Lielezers

Latvian question and answer portal "ask.fm" captures attention worldwide


The Latvian question and answer network "ask.fm" has grabbed teenagers' minds all over the world, the newspaper "Diena" reports.

"ask.fm" users can ask each other whatever they want to. Every month, 21 million users take part in this latest fad.

"ask.fm" users are mostly teenagers, who want to tell the world about their school activities, meals menu, and much more. Other teenagers, who have now deleted their profiles, point out that the site is for "nonsense." However, they are outnumbered, since around 50,000 new users register at "ask.fm" each day.

The portal was created last year by five Latvians - Oskars Liepins, Marks Terebins, Ilja Terebins, Valerijs Vesnakovs and Klavs Sinka.

"For a brief period, we operated with web projects, did our first attempts and became more comfortable with and open to innovations. We noticed "formspring.me" (U.S. question and answer pioneer). We liked the idea. We also realized that we could implement it better and decided to give it a go," explained Liepins.

Around 46 percent of "ask.fm" users are under 18, 34 percent - aged 18 to 25, the most active part of Internet audience. "Teenagers are the most fearless Internet users and the first ones who perceived our product's topicality in their everyday lives. The portal also is becoming increasingly popular among artists, celebrities and companies, pointed out Liepins.

"We believed in our vision, liked the idea and were interested in the entire process. We did not know what to expect, but realized that we had to try. Of course, we wanted to create a successful business model, however, we also wanted it to be stylish so that we and others would like it," said Liepins.