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Latvian saunas among "Lonely Planet's" top secret travel destinations


The tourist guidebook publisher "Lonely Planet", in its latest e-book about Europe's top secret travel destinations, has included scenic Sigulda, and Latvian sauna traditions.

The publication says: "With its momentous history, cutting-edge culture, and breathtaking landscapes," the European continent "comprises an extraordinary wealth of sights, sounds, peoples and parties."

A lot of travelers' favorite locations are left unknown to others, therefore, "Lonely Planet" has gathered opinions from guidebook contributors, local residents and travelers to create a list of "clandestine nightclubs, secret hotels, killer views, off -the-radar villages and more to inspire your next trip."

The e-book raves that Latvia stands out with its ritualistic sauna traditions.

"Cast modesty aside and indulge in Latvia’s most Latvian tradition - the pirts, a hot birch sauna. A traditional pirts is run by a sauna master who cares for attendees while performing choreographed branch 'beatings' that feel almost shamanistic in nature. Yes, you read that correctly - while lying down in your birthday suit, the sauna master swishes branches in the air to raise the humidity then lightly beats a variety of wild flowers and branches over your back and chest while you rest."

The e-book is available for free on http://www.lonelyplanet.com/secret-europe